Another weekend, another getaway! This time we are off to Hudson, New York to do a whole lot of nothing. Sounds like a dream, no?

While packing this morning I realized something. I need to up my luggage game, especially since we are leaving for Paris is less than a month. While doing a little research, I came across the Voyager Denim CarryOn and decided this had to be my found item of the week. The color, beautiful detailing, blue & red gingham lining. Everything above this suitcase is perfection. An early birthday present to myself… I think so 😉

Enjoy the weekend, sweet readers and for those of you in Boston, Happy One Boston Day!



Happy Friday, friends! Any fun plans this weekend? My book club ladies are getting together for high tea on Sunday to discuss Fates and Furies. I’ll have a full book report for you next week.

Remember when I shared this found item with you last fall? Truthis, I did love the natural deodorant but didn’t like having to apply it with my fingers so overtime I returned to my Dove {filled with terrible toxins}. That was until I read this blog post introducing me to Agent Nateur. I ordered a stick immediately and luckily it arrived last Friday just in-time for our trip to Mexico. I used it everyday and was shocked by how well it worked. And while the price tag is a little high {$19}, my health is worth it. Looking to try a new and natural deodorant, this week’s found item will be your next favorite thing. I promise.



As you may guess, this week’s found item was chosen while putting together my packing list for Mexico. In the fine print for our hotel, they encourage guests to wear a cover-up while walking through the property, which means I needed to find a new one. And naturally, my first stop was J.Crew. I originally purchased the navy gingham one but decided to keep it classic and order the chambray.

Please do follow along with me on Instagram by searching #awaywithmay. Maybe I’ll just try to recreate this pose for you 😉 Oh and good news for you… this tunic is 25% off today. Yet another reason to pick one up for yourself.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here next Thursday!

Image Credit: J.Crew



The Friday before a long weekend always seems to take forever to get here, don’t you think? The good news is we made it. Well done! Any exciting plans this weekend? With record cold heading our way, I foresee lots of snuggling by the fire.

I’m driven by finding the perfect thing. From black pants to the best body cream, I’m always on the hunt and won’t settle for anything less. Case in point, I haven’t had a pair of black winter boots for over three years now. This changed when I found this week’s found item. The No. 6 clog boot. This fully lined shearling boot is super cozy and extremely comfortable. It’s ideal for cold weather and best enjoyed barefoot (which is a total plus for me as I hate socks). The leather is water repellant and the wooden base lacquered. Mine arrived two weeks ago and I haven’t taken them off since I opened the box. Best part, they are made right here in the good old U.S. of A.

Wishing you all a weekend filled with much love!



We made it to the end of the week… Aleluia! And the good news, Boston will not get buried in snow this weekend.  For those mid-Atlantic readers, good luck 😉

This week’s found item may be the best photo editing app yet. A Color Story, brought to you by two amazing sisters, who just happen to be the founders of A Beautiful Mess, is AMAZING. A year and a half in the making, ACS is an everyday photo editing app with filters, tools, and simple light effects. The app has 100+ filters, 30+ effects 20+ tools and the freedom to create and save custom filters. I purchased the whole bundle yesterday at the introductory price of $7.99 and must admit it was my best purchase of the week!

I posted my first photo using the app last night. It pops, right? Looking to up your Instagram game {like me}? Then you’ve gotta try A Color Story.



Happy Friday, sweet readers! Today, I am excited to share this week’s found item: Todos Organics’ Heal Coconut Oil.

I have my dear friend Christina to thank for introducing me to this week’s found item as she attended high school with Angel, the founder of Todos. Over dinner a few weeks back, I was sharing with her my recent episode with eczema and without taking a breath, she encouraged me to order up a jar of Angel’s coconut oil. She promised it would change my life. And thank goodness, it has.

What makes this coconut oil unique is that it is created with a seven week “warm infusion” technique that allows the oil to remain raw while infusing it with healing botanicals. The heal oil is infused with arnica and calendula, ancient skin supporters that help aid in skin ailments. This oil has replaced all moisturizing products in my medicine cabinet and has completely changed my skin. I don’t think I will use another product again. With winter upon us, I encourage you to treat yourself to one of Todos’ oils. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Image Credit: Todos Organics 



Sweet readers… I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this week’s found item and what just may be my favorite book of all time. Love x Style x Life by the effortlessly chic Garance Dore. If you aren’t familiar with Garance, you should be. I’ll admit, I didn’t know who she was until her collaboration with Rifle Paper. But since that fateful introduction, Garance has become a woman I admire from afar. When I learned of her book, I pre-ordered right away. From reading her blog, I knew her writing would speak to me. And you know what, it most certainly does. Below is a brief excerpt from the introduction:

We want love. We want to feel beautiful. We want to be good friends, good partners, good sisters, good daughters. We want to know how to never buy the wrong pair of shoes again. {Sorry to inform you, but you will keep making shoe mistakes until the day you die. So celebrate being alive right now!} We want to feel fulfilled by the work we do, whatever that work may be. Most of all, we want to find our place in this work.

It reads like my manifesto! I had the pleasure of meeting Garance last night at her Boston book signing. Now I’ve been to many a book signing but never one where I received flowers for attending and the author graciously offered me a seat next to her to have a chat. What a night and honor!

unnamed (1)



Happy Friday, dear readers! I can’t believe we are one week away from Halloween. Do you have your costume picked out? I’ve never been one to dress up but was thinking I might just step out of my comfort zone this year, especially since I’ll be trick-or-treating with my nephews and niece. Let me know if you have any good ideas!

For this week’s found item, I wanted to share my new Passport case that is currently en-route. Carolyn Misterek is the creative genius behind MATINE, a leather accessories line based in DC that takes simplicity and craftmanship to the next level. Carolyn designs, cuts, sews and finishes each piece by hand. Just beautiful! Truth be told, this is my first Passport case. I’ve been on the hunt for one for quite some time but never found the perfect one. That was until I stumbled upon the british tan Au Revoir case. I can’t wait for it to accompany me on all my travels!

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!


unnamed (1)

This was a very good week for my design book collection. Wednesday Emily Henderson’s Styled book arrived on my door step, K surprised me with The Monocle Guide to a Cosy Homes and last night I met Eddie Ross at his Modern Mix book signing at one of my favorite stores in Boston! Looking for inspiration or a little color to add to your bookshelves? I suggest checking out these found items.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!



Happy Friday, dear readers! Any big plans for this holiday weekend? Apple picking, movie watching and closet cleaning are on our itinerary. Why the closet cleaning, you might ask? In looking at my calendar, I realize that this will be our only weekend in Boston till November 14. Can you believe it? The good news is that with all these weekends away, I have been an excuse to treat myself to a new weekend travel bag. Yesterday, I received an email from Lo & Sons letting me know that my top contender {in forest green} was on sale. Yahoo! And thus I am thrilled to share this week’s found item, The Catalina. It will be arriving next week and I can’t wait to travel with it to Durham, Baltimore, and Nantucket over the coming weekends.

Image Credit: Lo & Sons