A Little Light

I always have candles lit. Something about the soft glow of light just puts my mind at ease. A friend recently asked me to send along some favorites. Thought you might enjoy my list too!

Diptyque Baies – My all-time favorite candle. The scent is perfection – a bouquet of roses and black current leaves. A little pricey but well worth it, I promise!

Sundari Amrus – I discovered this candle a few years ago on a visit to one of my favorite NYC spots, ABC Carpet & Home. Inspired by the Indian desert called Amrus, this candle is infused with scents of chilled mango pulp and fresh basil. And a fun little note, Sundari is product line created by Christy Turlington. I wonder if this is Ed Burn’s favorite candle too?!

Illume Mediterranean – What I love about this candle is not only the scent but the packaging. The geometric glass candle holder is one that I continue to use even after my candle burns out. To get the wax out, simply put in the freezer for a day and it pops right out. It becomes the perfect container for all my make-up brushes.

Paddywax Ocean Tide and Sea Salt – My most recent discovery. This candle is a Nantucket summer in a jar.

What are some of your favorites? Would love to hear!


Have you all seen this video yet? I have been having a rather difficult week, questioning many things and then I saw a friend posted this story about Zach Sobiech on Facebook. Wow… what a man! Sadly, Zach lost his life a few weeks ago but his legacy will live on. On this rainy day I am thinking of being high up in the clouds and I am reminded that things are ok when you believe in something greater.


And just like that, 34. Not quite sure how it happened. It seems like just yesterday I was planning for how life would be in my 30s. And you know what, it is nothing like I planned at all. Alleluia! I have learned a great deal from the hardships of my late 20s and am just so grateful for where this life has taken me.

33 has always been my lucky number so last year’s birthday was a big one for me. As you know from reading this little blog, I decided to make a big life change and move home to my little island 30 miles out to sea. And what a year it has been! I have had the opportunity to pursue two passions… event planning/catering and interior design. I put my passport to good use and checked off a dream destination… Istanbul. I met new friends I couldn’t imagine life without. Damn 33… you were good to me.

So here is to 34. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this lady!

** The image above is an early birthday gift I bought for myself at this year’s Spring Sweep sale at the Nantucket Artists Association. I have been lusting after one of Alison Cooley Hall’s pieces for years and when I saw this one, entitled Wish Well, I just knew it had to be part of my collection!