A Little Light

I always have candles lit. Something about the soft glow of light just puts my mind at ease. A friend recently asked me to send along some favorites. Thought you might enjoy my list too!

Diptyque Baies – My all-time favorite candle. The scent is perfection – a bouquet of roses and black current leaves. A little pricey but well worth it, I promise!

Sundari Amrus – I discovered this candle a few years ago on a visit to one of my favorite NYC spots, ABC Carpet & Home. Inspired by the Indian desert called Amrus, this candle is infused with scents of chilled mango pulp and fresh basil. And a fun little note, Sundari is product line created by Christy Turlington. I wonder if this is Ed Burn’s favorite candle too?!

Illume Mediterranean – What I love about this candle is not only the scent but the packaging. The geometric glass candle holder is one that I continue to use even after my candle burns out. To get the wax out, simply put in the freezer for a day and it pops right out. It becomes the perfect container for all my make-up brushes.

Paddywax Ocean Tide and Sea Salt – My most recent discovery. This candle is a Nantucket summer in a jar.

What are some of your favorites? Would love to hear!

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