So Damn Lucky

DMB Poster

I remember the first time I heard Dave… it was the summer of 1995 and I was working at The Nantucket Bake Shop. Some of my fellow counter hands were a bit older (I may have had a crush on the one from Johns Hopkins) and they were obsessed with the “Under the Table and Dreaming” album, which ignited mine. I could have listed to Ants Marching a thousand times that summer. I am told they played a show or two at The Muse but sadly I was a tad young for admission. Fast forward nearly 20 years, and this past Sunday I finally was able to see this band, that was part of so many memories, live. First love, first break-up, true love, summer parties, college parties… so many milestones can be summed up with a lyric from a DMB song.

And what a show it was! I’ve always said Dave would be my celebrity “free pass” and after seeing him with that guitar, I am even more adamant about that sentiment. Boyd Tinsley on the violin might be a close second. I thought it would be fun to put together my favorite Dave songs for all of you.

– #41
– You and Me
– Stay or Leave
– Crash into Me
– Grey Street
– The Idea of You
– If Only
– Jimmy Thing
– Lover Lay Down
– One Sweet World
– Say Goodbye
– Crush
– Stay (Wasting Time)
– Steady as We Go
– Typical Situation
– Warehouse
– The Christmas Song
– So Damn Lucky

Any that I’ve missed? Can’t wait to see what the band does next!

PS – I know the poster is from last year’s show at The Comcast Center but had the hardest time trying to find the 2013 version.

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