Dance All Night

Have I told you all about my brother, Travis. Not only is he one of the nicest guys you will meet (with perhaps the smallest waist in the family), he is the fearless leader behind Miss Fairchild, one of the hippest bands out of Boston. And lucky for me and any of you on island time, they are playing at The Box tonight. Can’t wait to dance all night!

If I don’t see you on the dance floor tonight please promise me you will give them a listen. A little Prince vibe, mixed with some JT and Sly and the Family Stone, Miss Fairchild provides music that will pick you up when ever you are feeling a little down. So very proud of you, Travis!

One thought on “Dance All Night

  1. Awww I really wanted to go but I have a wicked sore throat today. Drinking and dancing is probably not the best idea right now 😦 But I really want to see your brother’s band some time!!


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