Holiday Cheer

holiday cards
One of my favorite ways to gear up for the holiday season is to find that perfect holiday card. My tradition began my first year of college, dare I say 1997. I remember that first year, my dear friend Tracy told me she had never seen a more beautiful card. I set quite a precedent so now must be sure that my card selection is just right. Here were a few contenders for this year:

Sugar Paper… need I say more!

– I just love the whimsical illustrations from Mr. Boddington.

– I know, I know. I always write about Rifle Paper but this 2-in-1 card is pure genius.

– Paper Source… where my addition to all things paper began. Thank you for still making beautiful cards like this one all these years later!

– 1 Canoe 2 and I were just recently introduced and I am grateful for that indeed. Loving nearly everyone of their holiday cards but this one takes first place.

– I was beyond impressed while perusing Minted’s website. So many choices and I love that you can customize the shape of your paper. I love this one and this one too.

So, which one made the cut for May’s 2013 card? You will just have to make sure I have your address on file to find out! Oh and the picture above, just a few of my favorite holiday cards I have received over the year. Notice the one on the bottom left… yes, that is from my very first Christmas from my sweet Grandpa Ben.

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