Did you all happen to see this piece in the Sunday Times? 52 Places to visit in 2014. I have always had a serious case of wanderlust and thus I decided to put together my list of 52 places to see. Granted, I won’t be able to see them all this year but hopefully I can begin to check off a few. Let’s say my goal is to have this list complete by my 45th birthday, which gives me about 10 years.

We’ll start with North America…
Austin, Texas
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Seattle, Washington
Vancouver, British Columbia
Reykavik, Iceland (wait, is this considered North America?!?!)

And then move onto South America…
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cusco/Machu Picchu, Peru
Bogota, Colombia

I have the most passport stamps from Europe but there are still so many places I need to see…
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
The Cotswalds, England
Copenhagen, Denmark
Bruges, Brussels
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nice, France
Lisbon, Portugal
Seville, Spain
including Bonn, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Paderborn
Salzburg, Austria
Lucerne, Switzerland
Prague, Czech Republic
including Split, Vis, and Dubrovnik
Italy including Positano, Venice, Rome, Milan, Tuscany, Capri. Honestly, I want to see all of Italy
Lake Bled, Slovenia
Cappadocia, Turkey

The ultimate wanderlust dream for me, Africa…
Casablanca, Morocco
Cairo, Egypt
Tanzania and the great migration
Victoria Falls and the Southern Cross, Zambia
Cape Town, South Africa
Nairobi, Kenya

If I’m honest, Asia has just recently come onto my travel wish list but those of you who have been have made me want to see it for myself!
Jaipur, India
Ha long bay, Vietnam
Jimbari Bay, Bali
Chiang Mai and Phuket, Thailand

And last but certainly not least, Australia, with top destinations including Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney.

If my math is right, I think that is only 49 places so please friends, share three that I may have missed.

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