Take Me There

When planning a trip, I always have a food itinerary. Yes, I do plan trips around food and I’m not ashamed to admit it. And thus I was quite pleased when I came across this little Food and Wine piece highlighting the best new shops for food lovers. Don’t they just sound fabulous? And the best part, my sweet friend Abby’s shop made the list!

What can I say, Abby and I are kindred spirits. Not only did we both leave our first law firm on the same day but food really is our shared passion. We first met back in 2006 at a co-worker’s cocktail party. I was getting ready to embark on a cross-country adventure and she said “I have the book for you… Eat Your Way Across the USA.” Thanks to Abby and this little gem, I certainly did eat my way across the states. The best part, this initial bond over food and travel sparked a lifelong friendship. And now to see Abby’s dream of a vintage kitchen store and cooking class space come to life and featured in Food and Wine, I couldn’t be more proud. I’m off to Boston tomorrow and Farm & Fable is certainly at the top of my list of places to visit. I promise to bring you a full report next week highlighting all my finds.

Until then, dear friends… any great food shops this foodie should know about? With this cold, I am dreaming of lots of little weekend getaways.

2 thoughts on “Take Me There

  1. I visited right before Christmas and picked up a lovely card. And then, Jordan went back and bought me an awesome set of vintage bar glasses in a cool rack! I’m definitely a fan of Farm and Fable!

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