A Day in LA

Los Angeles
L.A. Oh how I miss you! You have quickly become one of my all-time favorites (next to Chicago, New York and my beloved Boston). What do I love so much about you? I love all your little neighborhoods that feel like some of my favorites (South End, Kendall, Lincoln Park, West Village) all by the water. Life doesn’t get much better than that!

For all of you who haven’t been or are planning a trip out there soon (I highly recommend that you do), I thought I would put together my favorite day in L.A.

My Morning Juice
I always try to start the day with a fresh juice and it is quite easy to do so in this city. My god. There seems to be a juice bar on every corner. My favorite by far is Kreation. With six locations and a juice kar (correct spelling, I promise) and bike around the city, they are easy to find. I frequent the one in Beverly Hills because it is right next to my all-time favorite cupcake place, Sprinkles. I figure if I’m juicing in the am, I can pick up a treat to splurge on in the afternoon.

Hike it Out
One thing I never realized is how many amazing hiking trails there around L.A. Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon, Tree People Inc. The list goes on and on. Since my parents are in the valley in Sherman Oaks, Tree People is just a short drive, although you have to go down Mulholland Drive, which is just about the scariest road I’ve ever been on. But the hike is well worth it. Just beautiful.

Lunch by the Beach
I stayed in Santa Monica on my very first trip to L.A. back in 2006 so it has always held a special place in my heart. And then when I discovered Huckleberry Cafe, it sealed the deal for being one of my favorite neighborhoods. Huckleberry Café is what I dream of one day opening. A beautiful café with delicious sandwiches, salads, savory goods, sweet treats and a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy. This visit, I tried their arugula salad with grapefruit, pine nuts and fresh parmigiano reggiano and my mom had the butternut squash terrine. Perfection!

Bike Ride
Being an island girl, I have always loved to ride my bike. And a bike ride from Santa Monica down to Venice Beach, nothing compares in my humble opinion.

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up
I really developed a love for Venice Beach last winter when I headed west to visit my parents after they made their big move. Abbot Kinney Street has it all. Urbanic Paper Boutique, Steven Allen, Gjelina and Intelligentsia, the best coffee shop I have been to by far. This place knows how to do coffee right. The idea is for the barista to create an individualized experience for every customer, regardless of how many are being served. Awesome!

Cocktail Hour
I think I’ve shared this little fact with you before, but I have a thing for boutique hotels. One of my favorite hotel groups The Viceroy Hotel Group and their spot in Santa Monica is sheer perfection. Cocktails by the pool are a must.

Dinner Time
If I had to choose one neighborhood to live in, I think it would have to be Brentwood. Not only am I obsessed with Brentwood Country Mart but Brentwood is also home to Tavern Bar & Larder. You may have heard of this space if you are addicted to Million Dollar Decorators like I am. Jeffrey Alan Marks designed the space and it’s breathtaking and the talented Suzanne Coin is the head chef and owner. Never have I been some place where the décor and food are so on par. A definite treat!

Griffith Observatory. You literally feel like you are top of the world. The views of L.A. are breathtaking and you know me, I have a thing for stars. I suggest going at sunset, packing a light picnic and spending a least a few hours up here. Well worth the time. And the really cool thing… amateurs bring out their telescopes too so you can meet, mingle and check out a bunch of different views.

Oh and the adorable L.A. poster above is from the one and only, Rifle Paper. Click on the image and you will be directed right to their site.

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