Movie Monday

I did a very Hollywood thing when I was out in L.A. I saw my very first theatre movie in 3D. Gravity. The story line quite simple but the craft of creating this film simply mind-blowing. I see why the team won the Academy Award for best visual effects, sound editing, sound mixing, cinematography, film editing and the big one, best director.

And although the story line was simple its one that I think is relevant for many of us. I’ve been feeling a bit lost. A bit beat up. And Sandra Bullock’s character struggled with the same emotions. A single mom who lost her daughter, she got lost in her work. Her work and long drives. I won’t admit how many miles I’ve put on my car since moving home but promise you, its been quite a few. But faced with adversity, she finds the courage and strength to hold on and not let go. And you know what, choosing life and to actually live it, a very good thing.

George Clooney does provide a bit of comedic relief and while I don’t swoon over him as many girls do, I did enjoy his performance.

What do you think… did you enjoy this movie? Only one left on the Academy list to watch… Nebraska.

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