Millie Sandal
Happy Friday, friends and welcome to a new weekly column: found. My thinking behind this is quite simple, showcase one item I’ve recently fallen in-love with. Up first, let me introduce you to Millie. Isn’t she just the perfect sandal? We made acquaintances earlier this week and I’m thinking I need to add her sister to my closet too. I know I am going to wear these sandals all summer long… from a day look with my boyfriend jeans and a white v-neck to dinner out in my favorite sundress. If you are in the market for a new sandal, I highly recommend these.

2 thoughts on “Found

  1. Cute!

    MB, are you familiar with (I think it’s like Pintrest for shopping, essetially… I read about it the other week, and immediately thought of you.) It might be a neat tool to use in conjunction with A Day With May to keep all of your “finds” and holiday shopping guides in one spot?

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