Let’s just be clear. The last thing I could possibly need in my life is another throw pillow. But this morning our ever so handsome sales rep from one of my favorite fabric lines stopped by the shop to introduce some of their offerings. To say I fell hard would certainly be an understatement. The Black Edition is a collaboration with contemporary British artist Jessica Zoob. What a talent!


The collection includes 6 paintings, from Jessica’s Passion series, that reflect the seasons of a relationship. Spring brings a sense of anticipation; Summer is full of energy and color; Autumn can bring tempestuous storms; and Winter feels crisp and still. ‘If you’re lucky’ says Jessica, ‘Spring will always come around again’. The finished fabrics were achieved by using state of the art digital printing, which brought the paintings to life on pure linen. Works of art.

It was hard to decide on just one. While turning each page and falling more in love, I stopped when I saw this one and thought this captures me completely. Two pillows are on their way to me. Happy early birthday, May!

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