When it comes to kitchen essentials, I don’t have a very lengthy list: a great skillet, a dutch oven, Emile Henry baking dishes, and my kitchen aid. I still remember the Christmas I opened my pistachio mixer. My reaction was almost as good as when I got a Nintendo the Christmas I was 9. I literally freaked out and was on top of the world for days.

One item that I have been on the hunt for as of late is a great pairing knife. I purchased this chef’s knife last summer but it’s just a bit too big for julienning my produce. Last week while perusing the new arrivals over at Provisions at Food52, I came across this beauty. The wood will compliment my chef’s knife and has a lovely story too: the manufacturer uses reclaimed metal from the bandsaw blades of local Georgia lumber mills to forge the blade, and reclaimed walnut wood from Florida to shape the curved handle. Think I will use the tip money from my first catering gig to add this to my kitchen.

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