Book Club


There really are so many things I love about being back in Boston but in my top 5 is rejoining my book club.  Recently, we met to discuss the book that everyone seems to be talking about The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Many have said “if you liked Gone Girl than you will love The Girl on the Train.” And I must say, I agree. This is the type of book that hooks you right away. I stayed up well into the wee hours of the morning to finish.

This book tells the story of Rachel, a tragic woman struggling with alcoholism, her divorce and losing her job. Since she can’t accept the realities of her life, she continues her morning commute on the train to the city where she no longer works. On the train ride, she passes the home she shared with her ex-husband who now lives there with his new wife. Next door to her old home, Rachel sees the beautiful couple who seem to have it all. Since she doesn’t know them, she refers to them as Jason and Jess. The couple who have it all. Or do they? And so begins this page turner. Looking for a summer beach read, I highly recommend.

We are meeting in early August to discuss Boston Girl by Anita Diamant. I’ll have a full report in a few weeks.

Happy almost weekend!

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