Ten Things


Why hello there! I thought today I would take the time to share a few tidbits that you probably don’t know about me.

* My first highway driving experience was at the ripe old age of 24. It was up to Maine for my dear friend Stacy’s {whose birthday is today} bridal shower. I was gripping the wheel so tight, I had hand cramps for hours.

* I don’t have my ears pierced. Thank goodness for screw back earrings. I scour eBay and vintage stores to add to my {growing} collection.

* I’m a 13th generation Nantucketer on my father’s side {dating back to Tristam Coffin, the first English settler on island} and 12th on my mother’s {decendents of Edward Cartwright hailing from England who moved to the island in 1673 from Maine to help teach the ins and outs of cod fishing}. My great, great-grandfather, Archibald Cartwright, is said to be the last whale captain of Nantucket.

* For such a foodie, I sure am one picky eater. No mushrooms, lobster, clams or ground beef for me {but I will gladly take a hot dog if no vegetarian option is available}.

* I’m a purist at heart. Given the choice of 50 ice cream flavors, I’ll always chose vanilla.

* I hate nuts in my baked goods {unless it’s a sconset cookies from The Sconset Market. My only exception}!

* I am known to start at least 3 side projects before heading to work in the morning. I really don’t like doing household chores {besides cooking} when I get home.

* I still travel with my blue stuffed animal dinosaur Dino. A gift from my Mom in 1988.

* I’ve been to 31 out of our 50 states. High on my wanderlust list are Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

* I don’t have a middle name.

 There you have it… did any of these surprise you? Stay cool today, friends. It’s hot out there!

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