Book Club


Another weekend is nearly upon us. What are your plans, dear readers? We are off to New York City for an overnight and then heading north to The Catskills for a little r+r.

I don’t know about you but for me a summer getaway goes hand-in-hand with a summer read. And for me, the book of the summer has to be The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant. With my beautiful city of Boston as the backdrop, this inspiring book tells the story of Addie, the daughter of Jewish immigrants, living in the North End, coming of age during a very difficult time. Early on, the reader learns that Addie is not like other girls as her desire for knowledge, exploration and adventure are clashing with the ideals of her very traditional parents, her mother in particular. What unfolds is the story of a woman who finds herself, friendship and love. Looking for a light but uplifting read, this Boston Girl highly recommends The Boston Girl.

What have you been reading this summer? The Folded Clock will be joining me this weekend in New York. I promise a full report upon my return!

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