How To

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I made it back from D.C. safe and sound and what a weekend it was. Hope you had a great one too. Today, I wanted to share a new column How To. In these, I hope to share some helpful advice on how to handle situations that can sometimes be tricky. First up… How to be a House Guest. Since I stayed with two dear friends during my recent weekend escape, I am fresh with ideas of how to navigate this situation.

  1. Communicate. Make sure your host knows when you are arriving and your plans for arriving to their home.
  2. Be Gracious. Pack a little gift for my host{s}. Nothing lavish but personal.
  3. Space. Realize that you are in someone else’s home so be mindful of your bags and where you leave your things.
  4. Go With the Flow. This is very important. Of course your friends want to show you a great time, but sometimes life happens and plans {dinner, shopping, etc.} fall through. Always remember why you are staying with your friends to begin with.
  5. Offer to Help. Clean up after dinner. Strip your bed. Tidy up the bathroom. All those little things. You would want someone to do in your home. 
  6. Send Thanks. Always, always send a thank you note.

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