Design Crush


Remember these guys? For years, my Saturday ritual included a night with Vern, Hildi, Ty,and Doug on Trading Spaces. Hard to believe the show launched 15 years ago {on October 13 to be precise}. Granted, we didn’t get Paige Davis till the second season, but this show was certainly my present day Scandal. Did you feel the same way? At the time, my favorite designer was Laurie. The adorable red-head with the southern accent. But I’ve got to tell you, now my favorite is Genevieve Gorder.

I’ve had a few days sick in bed these past few weeks, which always means Netflix. Last week, I watched HGTV’s 6-part series on Genevieve’s renovation of her New York City condo. Just take a look at the finish product:


The ladder, those  chairs, that marble….


The black walls with the Moroccan tables and large storage piece from an antique store in Maine. I want it all!


And my favorite room by far, her guest bathroom.

Looking for a little design inspiration, log into your Netflix account and watch Genevieve’s Renovation. I should also note her Capel rug collection is phenomenal and the price point is quite good. Now, if I could just find a condo to renovate!

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