Movie Monday


Hello and happy Monday to you! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Today, I am returning to an oldie but goodie blog post – Movie Monday.

Spotlight, which tells the story of the Boston Globe investigative reporting team that broke the news of the Catholic Church abuse scandal is a must see. The cast {including Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci, John Slattery and Liev Schreiber} is flawless. The story unfolds much like a newspaper article. Never too emotional. Just the facts.

And the fact that has stayed with me since seeing the film is when Sacha Pfeiffer, played by McAdams, speaks with one of the accused priests. Without even taking a moment, he admits, without question, to what he did but stresses that he didn’t receive any pleasure. Confused, Pfeiffer asks for clarification and he says that he too was touched by his priest. The cycle of abuse is heartbreaking. And the ending clip left me speechless. To see the pervasiveness of the cover-up by the Church around the globe. The work the Spotlight team did and continues to do is of utmost importance and it makes me proud to be a Bostonian.

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