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Classic family moment, no? This is me {on the right} and my sister Michelle, who is celebrating 32 years today. I find this rather daunting  as I still remember the day she was born as if it were yesterday. I’ve mentioned this before in this post, but truth be told, I was hoping this little sibling of mine would be a brother. But I have to say, how happy I am that she is my little sister. Although we have had our disagreements {oddly enough, the photo above was not one of them} I am quite proud to be her big sister.

Michelle was never one to fit any mold. She decided to live abroad her junior year of high school and ended up in Nitra, Slovakia. If it were me, I would have been home within 24 hours. But not Michelle. She is one to face any challenge and do so gracefully. After high school, she took a little time off and lived in England, where she decided to apply to the American University in Paris to finish her studies. She has inspired my love of travel and I only wish I was half as creative as she is. Really. You have to check out her Instagram account Letters From Nantucket. What an inspiration!

So here is to my little sister. Keep being you, as you are pretty awesome!

Love Story


Look at these two? My mother and stepfather. Married 24 years today. I asked them both to share their advice on the key to a successful relationship. Here is what they had to say…

“Best advise I can give is patience – gratitude – and ability to forgive and to know that sometimes it’s all about you and sometimes it’s all about your partner but you are willing to do that for each other because you are happier together than apart.”

“Men ARE from Mars and women ARE from Venus. We process things differently. Stretching ourselves beyond the limits of these psychological and emotional boundaries, makes for a real adventure in love and commitment.”

Pretty good if you ask me. Any words of wisdom you live by? Would love to hear, dear readers.

Enjoy the start to your week!