As I have already confessed… I have a slight shopping problem and perhaps an affinity towards over-thinking things but my absolute downfall concerns all things sweet. I love bakeries. I travel for bakeries. I live for bakeries (you get the point). And the place that began my love affair was Flour Bakery.

I was first introduced to Flour during a 2002 Chronicle show, I think, when their brownie was featured. I begged my boyfriend at the time to venture with me to Washington Street in the South End, before Washington Street was the place to be, to partake in this sweet treat. And what a treat. I don’t think there was a week that went by while living in Boston that I didn’t make at least one trip to Flour.

Saying goodbye to Boston was hard but saving goodbye to Flour was heartbreaking. Last week, I was able to spend some quality time at their Fort Point location. A good soul feeding. And the best part, their second cookbook was available to purchase. Yeah! This thing of beauty has found a home in my rather large collection. Can’t wait to start baking.

You may be wondering what my sweet of choice is. I will gladly share. While I still love their brownie, I have moved on to their vegan chocolate cupcakes (no icing… just cake… exactly how I like it). If you haven’t been to Flour, I beg you, go. There are now four locations in Boston so you have no excuse. Report back too. Love hearing what people love!

Oh and Joanne Chang, owner and baker extraordinaire, even beat out Bobby Flay with her sticky buns. Check it out here.

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