Late Night

Jimmy Fallon
I have always loved me some late night comedy. I remember in middle school, I use to stay up late to watch The Arsenio Hall show with my BFF Meghan. David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno… these guys have certainly gotten me through many a sleepless night. But no one compares to my Jimmy. First off, he is adorable. Second, we share the same sense of humor. And lastly, he sings and is best friends with Justin Timberlake. What isn’t there to love. Did you see him on in his premiere last night? Amazing!

I thought I would share just a few of my favorite Jimmy moments. As someone who loves a good thank you note, I thought his thank you note bit was genius. “Thank you, extra virgin olive oil, for making it clear that you’re better than trampy old ‘virgin olive oil,’ who probably already went to third base.” Or “Thank you, exercise, for being the only thing stopping me from getting in shape’ (sadly, so true). And my favorite “Thank you, hors d’oeuvres, for being appetizers that moved to France and got all snooty.” Cracks me up every single time!

I have always said I love a man who can sing. Jimmy’s collaboration with Robin Thicke (one of the sexiest voices out there) and The Roots… love it!

But really, does anything get better than the history of rap. Just watch and you’ll see.

So excited for this next chapter for Jimmy and excited to see Seth take over his late night spot on Monday, February 24.

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