Millie Sandal
Happy Friday, friends and welcome to a new weekly column: found. My thinking behind this is quite simple, showcase one item I’ve recently fallen in-love with. Up first, let me introduce you to Millie. Isn’t she just the perfect sandal? We made acquaintances earlier this week and I’m thinking I need to add her sister to my closet too. I know I am going to wear these sandals all summer long… from a day look with my boyfriend jeans and a white v-neck to dinner out in my favorite sundress. If you are in the market for a new sandal, I highly recommend these.


Gwyneth and Chris. Conscious Uncoupling. There seems to be quite a bit of buzz around this couple since news broke last week of their separation. I have a general rule. It’s not my place to comment on someone’s personal endeavors, mishaps and/or beliefs. Life is hard enough we don’t need to add negative energy to the mix. But, I will say this. When I heard Coldplay’s most recent release, my heart broke for both of them. From my listening, it appears Chris was writing his final love letter to his lovely wife. Oh how I wish love was enough for all of us. But for right now, this song is enough for me. I can’t get enough. And you know what… this girl still believes in magic, although I’m sure you would have guessed that. I hope you do too.


Friends… we made it! Happy April 1st and let’s hope that spring really, truly is here to stay.

I realize it has been a bit of time since I got personal with you all so I thought today would be the perfect day. And let me be clear, this is NOT an April Fool’s post. What I am about to share is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You have my word!

As frequent visitors of this little blog know, love is something that has eluded me these past few years. I have been blessed to have wonderful people come into my life and have shared moments that are beyond words. But for all of those moments, I also have spent far too much time holding onto the hope that some of these men would finally realize what they had in front of them (me) and sweep me right off my feet.

This week, though, the most beautiful thing happened. For the first time in my entire life (sad to say, but very true), I had someone quite special share words with me I’ve never heard before. To be told I am worthy of everything I have ever wanted, it actually made me cry. In that moment, hearing those words, life became quite simple. No more am I holding out hope for that guy to get it. I am worthy of someone seeing me, hearing me and being captivated by me. And I have a feeling this spring will bring me everything I have ever wanted and so much more.