Movie Monday


Since I didn’t make it to see Trainwreck this weekend, I though I would share my Top 10 Favorite Movies on this movie Monday. So here it goes:

Pretty in Pink – My 80s movie of choice. Always!

The Holiday – My all-time favorite romantic comedy. I just love this film and never tire of Jack Black’s character singing in the Blockbuster isle.

Steel Magnolias – The movie that taught me the importance and power of female relationships and having good girlfriends through the good and bad. And of course my favorite line… “My colors are blush and bashful.”

The Shawshank Redemption – A classic. One of the best films that never received an Oscar either. This film taught me that some things are really worth waiting for.

Chef – Because really, I love any movie that deals with food. And the relationship between father and son here is beautiful.

The Way – The film that showed me that tragedy can lead you to your life’s meaning.

Syriana – A movie that shows just how complicated and complex our world is today. I finally understand all the hype about George Clooney after seeing this film.

It’s Complicated – Jane’s kitchen. Enough said!

Toy Story – My favorite animated film with a delightful storyline as well.

Kissing Jessica Stein – The movie that taught me that sometimes stepping outside of your box is a good thing!

Any of these surprise you? Do share yours as well, dear friends!

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