Friends, I had hoped to kick off the week with my holiday gift guides but in all honesty, it just didn’t seem right with the events of Friday night in my beloved city of Paris. In the past, I have turned to writing to work out emotions I have over events I can’t quite seem to comprehend. In this instance, though, the words are hard to find. I don’t understand why we continue to hurt each other and ourselves. I don’t understand the hatred we have for those who don’t think like us. I don’t understand how one who witnessed the horrific events of Friday night moves on. I guess, though, that is all we can do. Move on. Do better. Love harder and deeper and listen more. My religion teaches me to be compassionate to those who are different. To extend a hand of friendship. To open my heart and home to those in need. I will continue to do so and I hope you will to. Hatred and violence is not the answer.

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