Island Living – May’s Must Eats

I love food. And for a sandbar 30 miles out to sea, this island certainly has much to offer a culinary enthusiast like me. Since it would be nearly impossible to narrow my list down to a “Top 5”, let’s compromise and go with a list of “May’s Must Eats.” It may take you more than a week to get through but I must confess that I have been known to double up on meals while on vacation. You do too, right?!

Let’s start with breakfast.

Black Eyed Susan’s – A local favorite for sure, this little spot on India Street is well worth the wait. During the height of the season, you will usually be part of a line at least ten deep. My advice is to grab a coffee across the street at The Bean and be patient as the breakfast offerings are simply the best. Spicy thai veggie scramble, huevos rancheros, buttermilk pancakes. Gosh, I am hungry just thinking about it.

The Green – I try my best to eat an organic and mainly vegetarian diet and the arrival of The Green to the island a few years back has certainly helped with this life style choice. Their offerings of fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, and baked goods make it an easy choice for a breakfast on-the-go. Might I suggest their veggie egg sandwich on a multi-grain bagel with tomato salsa and guac. Delicious!

Sconset Café – Sconset is a quaint village nearly seven miles from town so it’s a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Main Street on a summer morning. I always order the café special: scrambled eggs with herbed cream cheese and a blueberry muffin toasted on the grill. After breakfast, indulge in the Sconset bluff walk. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

The Lunch Hour

Something Natural – There is one day I try not to miss and that’s opening day of Something Natural, the best sandwich shop ever. Tucked back off Cliff Road, I love taking my bike here before heading to Cliffside or Step’s Beach. I usually call in my order as to avoid the crazy lines. My go-to’s include Sheila’s Favorite (Swiss cheese, carrots, pickles, tomatoes on oatmeal bread) or the curried chicken salad on herb bread with lettuce and tomato. The owner, Matt Fee, has created his own red zinger ice tea, which has become one of my favorite summer beverages. And their chocolate chip cookies. Just try one and you will see what I mean!

Slip 14 – Down the beautiful shell path on Old South Wharf, you will stumble upon Slip 14. One of the few options for dining on the water, Slip 14 is the idyllic spot for lunch after meeting friends coming off the noon boat. Fish tacos, oysters, and the best calamari I have ever tasted. ..this is a seafood lovers paradise!

Lola Burger – Moving from its former take-out location on the strip to the old Rotary space, Lola Burger has caused quite a buzz since opening nearly a month ago. Burgers, fries, and Greek yogurt milk shakes… how could you go wrong. Their beer selection is of note too so it become the perfect pre or post-beach snack.

Centre Street Bistro – One of a handful of restaurants that stay open year-round, the Bistro is a spot I frequent on a nearly weekly basis. Ruth and Tim Pitts, owners and chef extrodianaire’s, offer an eclectic offering of lunch options including a decadent goat cheese tart over greens, a red curry veggie roll-up and a black bean burrito that is my sister’s favorite thing to eat. In the fall and winter months, I am an addict for their creamy tomato soup with bread. The perfect comfort meal!

And if you are still hungry… dinner!

The Boarding House – Seth and Angela Raynor have a culinary empire on Nantucket that never fails. Owners and chefs of The Boarding House, The Pearl and Corazon Del Mar, you can’t go wrong. If I am in one of those moods where I don’t want to cook for myself, I head over to the bar, order a glass of the Sancerre, the kale salad and indulge in the 5 pm ricotta. A simple yet perfect way to end a long day!

American Seasons – Celebrating their 25th season, American Seasons is my go-to for that special meal out. To celebrate a special someone, enjoy a romantic meal with the one you love… I just love this spot. My favorites this season include the warm cumin & roasted carrot salad with golden raisins, puffed quinoa and spring greens followed by the farro “risotto” with spring vegetables, Vermont cloth bound cheddar and finished with a soft poached egg. The combination of flavors and presentation make this meal simply divine.

Millie’s – Named after the beloved “Madaket Millie” Jewett, a Nantucket legend who embodied the self reliant spirit of native islanders, Millie’s is the perfect spot to take in a Nantucket sunset on the west end of the island. Grab a spot at the bar, order a Grey Lady from Cisco Brewery and the Hither Creeks tacos, and I promise you will have a perfect island night! Millie’s offers a complimentary shuttle from town, so if you are without a car, not to worry.

Cru – In its second season, Cru is the place to go if you want to be seen. I tend to fly a bit more under the radar so opt for a spot in the back bar (which has the most beautiful interior), order a dozen oysters, the blue crab cocktail and the crucomber, which is one of the best gin and cucumber drinks on the island.

Pi Pizza – What can I say… I’m a simple girl and love nothing more than a great pizza and a nice cold beer. I have tried margherita pizzas across this great country and even waited in line at the infamous Flour and Water in San Francisco for theirs and have to say I have never found one that even comes close tot the margherita at Pi. If you are looking for a bit more sustenance, their offering of pastas are spot-on as well. For that easy, no fuss meal, it’s always Pi.

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