Island Time


Happy Monday, sweet readers! Did you all do something fun this past weekend? We escaped to the island for a few days. Walking around Saturday morning, I was struck by how much has changed on my little island. Shops moving, new businesses opening their doors, and delicious new places to grab a bite. To help ease us back into the work week, I thought I’d share all the new places you need to know about as you plan your next trip on #islandtime.


One of my favorites, Atlantic has moved up-town to Federal Street in the former C.Wonder space. With this larger space, Atlantic has expanded their offering of boho-chic pieces (I picked up the best summer dress seen here) as well as their collection of antiques and housewares. I am told that they will be opened longer into the off-season now too. Good news, indeed!


The delightful Sarah Powers has opened Table No. 1 in the former Dupree & Co. space on Old South Wharf. Sarah continues to operate this space as a wine and cheese shop but has expanded offerings to include beautiful wooden cheese boards, colorful french cheese knives and even flowers from Flowers on Chestnut. Even better, she has wine barrels set-up outside the shop on the shell path along the wharf so you can sit back with a glass of rose and enjoy the terrific people watching. If you stop by, you must try the Pufrock cheese from Grey Barn on Martha’s Vineyard. Not only is the packaging superb but the smell and flavors of this cheese are to die for.


It seems to be all about the juice these days and I am pleased to report that a bright and cheery juice bar has opened in the former Bean location on Centre Street. Lemon Press offers a wonderful selection of cold-pressed juices {my favorite is the sweet green}, smoothies, raw bowls, open-faced sandwiches and frozen yogurt. In-town and need to grab a healthy lunch to take to the beach. Lemon Press is the spot. Oh and stop in to see their living wall too. It’s pretty great!


For those of you who have been coming to the island for some time, you know that it would take a lot to replace Tacos Tacos. I am pleased to report that the offerings at Barcos y Tacos do just that. My whole family went and the fish tacos were the crowd favorite. I opted to make my own tacos with sweet potatoes, black beans and Barcos signature chicken, which was cooked in tomatoes and had a wonderful flavor and texture. Located out of town behind The Sea Grille, I highly recommend Barcos y Tacos for an easy and affordable dine-in or take-out meal.


The art scene on Nantucket is thriving and although I haven’t been just yet, I hear Samuel Owen Gallery is the gallery of the summer. Housed in the historic Seven Seas building on Centre Street, this iconic spot was once home to Captain George Pollard of The Essex. This is the second gallery for owners Lee and Cindy Milazzo, who opened their first in Greenwich in 2004. These two are committed to exhibiting the work of emerging to mid-career artists. I am obsessed with the Antoine Rose beach photos. Breathtaking!


A few more things to note: The Bean has moved into an expanded location at 4 India Street.  Grey Lady {with outposts in NYC and Aspen} has opened their third location in the former Bamboo Super Club near Stop & Shop. I hear the food is quite good. Nantucket Patsy Co. has rebranded to Nativ Made and continues to offer delicious juices {I like the Sconset loop} and baked goods. Atlas has opened in the former Pazzo space and Station 21 {sister restaurant to Lola 41} just opened in the former Corazon del Mar space. From what I’ve gathered on Instagram, the renovations are pretty incredible. And we have one more option for pizza on the island. Oath Craft Pizza,  at 44 Straight Wharf, is getting quite the buzz for their inventive toppings and ability to order half a pie.

For shops, Scrub Oak has moved to 10 Straight Wharf. Shift has moved from behind Lily Pulitzer to a prime spot on Main Street next to Vis-a-Vis. And Salt, a sweet little shop has opened at 19 Old South Wharf. There is a sign hanging in the shop that perfectly explains my love affair with this island of mine — it is just in me.

“All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea – whether it is to sail or to watch it – we are going back from whence we came.” John F. Kennedy


It’s Friday. Thank goodness. I’m not sure about you, but wow this was one long week. And since it will most likely be my last weekend of “freedom” before the craziness of summer catering kicks in, I have made sure to take advantage of every minute (always helps when a special someone is coming to visit too). Dinner tonight at American Seasons. I am torn between the salmon and the risotto. Hmmmmm. Hopefully crossing off #1 on the summer bucket list tomorrow morning, which also means getting #2 checked off as well. Taking in a little BBQ at B-ACK Yard BBQ tomorrow night. The reviews have been phenomenal. So excited. And finally a Nantucket Film Festival film. Oh and of course church and Sunday brunch.

What are your plans this weekend? Whatever they may be, I hope you have a great one!

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List
Truth be told, I completed very few things on last year’s summer bucket list. So I have added a few new ones and hoping that me and my girl(s) visiting this summer will be all the incentive I need to complete!

1. Pick strawberries at Bartlett’s Farm and/or Moors End Farm.
2. Experiment with a new recipe incorporating freshly picked strawberries. A few contenders include: this jam, this salad, and perhaps this dessert.
3. Go deep-sea fishing.
4. Finally, finally take a dip in the phosphorescence.
5. Rent a jeep and spend the day out at Great Point, which also means driving on the beach for the first time!
6. Surf lesson with ACK Surf.
7. Head over to Wellfleet Drive-in one Sunday night.
8. Get in a bike ride at least once a week.
9. Sleep on the beach (keep this one quiet… I believe it’s against the law).
10. Greet the sunrise.

Island Time

Driving around my little island yesterday one thing was quite clear… summer is officially here! For all of you planning a getaway 30 miles out to sea, I wanted to provide a few updates to my Island Living guides.

First, a few things to note. Sadly, Trillium on Washington Street has closed up shop. But, you can find some of their product offerings, including my absolute favorite John Robshaw textiles at Bodega. And Sweet Little has moved from the wharf up to 40 Centre Street.

Now onto the new. Whenever planning a trip I always start with where I’m going to eat so let’s begin there.

Bourbon, beers and BBQ near the water… sounds too good to be true! Lucky for us, B-ACKyard BBQ opened their doors last week in the former Captain Toby’s space. I haven’t had a moment to try the food yet but have plans to do so on Saturday night. Just look at their sides… ranchero baked beans, cole slaw, a mason jar of pickled vegetables, and Vermont cheddar cornbread. Counting down the hours till Saturday night!

The Nautilus
Every year there seems to be that one new restaurant that captures all the buzz. A venture between 3 alums of the Boarding House/Pearl empire, The Nauitlus on Cambridge Street is “the place” this summer. The concept is a mix of classic and modern, small plates and feast selections all focused around the joy of sharing a meal and libations together. While The Nautilus prides itself on being a New England restaurant with a coastal/seafood base, their menu inspiration is rooted in Asian flavors and ingredients of the haute street food variety, with a major nod to the tapas style of Spanish cuisine. Tempura east coast oyster tacos. Why yes! Clinton Terry is the mastermind behind the bar and I must say, seeing this man make a cocktail is something else.

One thing that is a constant in the summer is meeting friends visiting my little island for a cocktail. This little gem will be my new spot for just that. A charming wine bar in the former Cordillera Imports space on Broad Street, brothers Ethan and Jed Dupree have created an intimate place to grab a delicious class of vino and indulge in a few light bits of delicious cheeses and charcuterie. If you haven’t been to their wine and cheese shop on the wharf, it’s a must. Their toffee covered almonds tossed in powdered sugar are to-die for.

Handlebar Cafe
Since moving back to the island two years ago, there is one thing I have missed greatly… a wonderful coffee shop. When I heard that Jason Bridges and Courtney Nemeth of Nantucket Bike Tours were moving into the former Trillium space on Washington Street, right next to The Lovely and Parchment, I jumped for joy (literally). Although they aren’t open just yet, rumor has it that it will be any day now. My fingers (and toes) are crossed.

I think I have said this time and time again but I really believe that Nantucket has some of the best shopping around. From housewares, to clothing, to vintage to beauty… our little downtown certainly does pack quite a bit in. And lucky for all of us, a few new shops have made island roots this year.

I stopped into this beauty shop last week as I have been desperate for a new face moisturizer and in a brief 5 minutes, the owner Tara taught me oh so much. I left with an amazing face oil by Shamanuti, a petite jar of simple butter, which I have been using religiously on my cuticles, and a bottle of Follain liquid soap. And the best part, I made a 1-time deposit on this beautiful bottle that once I finish, I can just pop in and refill for less than $10. And even better, their flagship store is in Boston on Dartmouth Street, blocks away from my new apartment. What a great idea. Love a company that makes it easy to be green! And her makeup selection is spot-on. I am obsessed with my RMS un-cover cover-up.

CJ Laing
Truth be told, I’m not really a Palm Beach girl but when I drove by the window of CJ Laing, based in Palm Beach,and saw their beautiful ikat jackets, I instantly fell in-love. This beautiful little shop has a wonderful collection of jackets, embroidered tops, shorts, dresses, Stubbs & Wootton shoes and a killer jewelry selection. Looking for that perfect top to go with your white jeans, this is the place to find it!

Grey Clothing
While technically not a shop, you must check out Grey Clothing’s online store. Her products are all designed and hand printed on island. Love. And the tried and true tee… I can guarantee this is what I’ll be wearing on the 4th.

Sconset Gallery
I have been collecting Nantucket art since 2006 so when I hear a new gallery is opening, I get very excited. When I heard that Chandra and her husband Carlin, who have impeccable taste, were opening a gallery in Sconset, I was even more excited. A crisp white backdrop in an old Sconset cottage at 1 New Street… breathtaking. Art openings will take place every Thursday night from 6-8 pm and the gallery will be open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Just one more thing to add to your list while you are exploring Sconset.

So there you have it. The places to add to your summer list. Do let me know if you are planning a trip to the island. Would love to see you and answer any questions you may have!


My girls
Friends… once again I apologize for my silence as of late. Last week was my last day at Nantucket Looms so as you can imagine my days had been a bit hectic making sure all the loose ends and little tidbits of information I acquired over the past 18 months were passed along. As with all transitions, I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflection of what I’m looking for in my next move. And while this summer I will be keeping busy in the catering kitchen, I’m excited for my upcoming move back to Boston. Finding an apartment, reconnecting with old friends, checking off all those things I never got around to the first time around (list forthcoming)… starting new.

I’ve been out of college for 13 years now, have worked at 6 different companies (4 law firms and 2 small island businesses), and have collected a few pieces of wisdom. As I begin to think about what’s next, I hope these will help guide me to that “near perfect” opportunity.

1. It’s all about team.
I have worked with some fantastic people along the way. My colleagues at Nixon Peabody and WilmerHale are still some of my closet friends. And at the Looms, I had the privilege to work side by side with the two ladies pictured above. Stephanie and Becky. Creative souls, amazing moms and business women who are carrying on the tradition of Nantucket Looms. Work is certainly work but to collaborate with those you respect, care for, can laugh with and generally like… that’s the key.

2. Work to live, not live to work.
The COO at Nixon Peabody use to always say this at our annual retreats. Of course we are employed to fulfill a certain set of tasks and job functions. But we have to work in-order to indulge and enjoy the things we enjoy in life. While I have loved every minute living on this little island, I have realized that the ability to do my weekend road-trips and impromptu travel is difficult. And for me, the ability to pick up and go is a must.

3. The bottom line.
The world lost an amazing voice today: Maya Angelou, who I believe said it best. “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Liking and believing in oneself has always been a struggle for me. Part of the reason I returned home was to heal and work on that piece. And today, I can confidently say, “I like myself.” And so the rest will hopefully follow. I like to do so many different things. I want to be creative but analytical. I want to write. I want to present. I want to tackle a project head on. And I want to work for a company I believe in. That has vision. That is a member of the community and believes that comes with some responsibilities. Hopefully when these things align, I will find success.

So here begins my search for what’s next. Endings are always hard but they lead to beautiful new beginnings. Beyond excited for this next chapter!


Good Friday has always held a spot near and dear in my heart. You see, it was on this day many year ago I received my acceptance letter to Mount Holyoke. The story is actually quite funny.

My Mom went to the mail and saw the package: an express overnight envelope. For anyone who knows a thing or two about college acceptance, a big package is a very good thing. She was so excited she quickly made her way to Beautiful People, a little boutique I worked at my senior year of high school (my shopaholic tendencies started early). Since it was one of those first gorgeous spring days and we had a half day of school, my boss said to take the afternoon off, which meant I could join my friends for lunch. I must have missed my Mom by no more than 10 minutes. Now remember, this is well before cell phones so I didn’t give my Mom the courtesy call that plans had changed as I figured I would just head home after lunch. The magical part of this story is that there were two Mount Holyoke alums in the shop at the precise moment she was relaying the good news to my boss… that a large envelope had arrived for me. They wouldn’t possibly send a rejection letter overnight, would they? The exact question my Mom asked. Love her.

I decided to walk home that afternoon as I wanted to take in every moment of the arrival of spring. As I turned into the driveway I saw my Mom in the garden and she told me I had received a letter from Mount Holyoke. I said “big or small” and she didn’t answer. I ran in, saw it, opened it and in that moment knew my life would change forever. Earlier that week I received the dreaded rejection letter from Davidson, my top choice. This acceptance quickly eased those wounds. I ran outside with tears in my eyes and was beyond words. In those moments I knew that Good Friday was always gonna be a good day in my book. As I shared before, my years at Mount Holyoke were some of the best. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. It turned out exactly as it was meant to. My mom later confessed that she may have opened the package. I guess she is as impatient as me at times.

And friends, on this Good Friday I am more hopeful than ever that life is revealing itself to me just as it should be. Have faith. Trust yourself and believe in magic for as Roald Dahl reminds us “… watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”


MB as stylist
How does that quote go… “Do what you love and do it often.” One of the many reasons I decided to return to my island roots nearly two years ago was I felt like something was missing. Don’t get me wrong. I had a great life in the city. A good job, wonderful friends, a sweet studio (that I miss nearly every day) but something just felt amiss. With a little distance and lots of quiet island time, I have come to realize what was missing. Passion.

My time home has allowed me to find the courage to seek out and explore my passion(s). I no longer sit in an office but rather divide my time between a catering kitchen in the summer months and a beautiful shop, where I wear many hats including social media girl, shop girl, buyer, web girl, and design assistant girl. I never thought much about my love for all things design. Colors, textures, furniture placement… it always came natural to me. But I have come to realize it doesn’t come that easy to everyone.

And so I thought I would share my guiding principle when it comes to design. Let your space be a reflection of you and what’s important to you. Buy pieces that you love. Invest in them. My studio in Boston was nearly empty for the first six months as I was waiting to find just that right piece.

If you ever need help, know I’m here. And if you need a little interior inspiration, do check out my Pinterest board. Another one of my passions, I must confess.

Oh and the photo above… that’s me doing a little styling for a website photo shoot. Not bad for a day’s work.

Snow Day

Snow Day
For all you in the Northeast, I hope you are staying nice and warm and cozy inside today. What a storm. The winds out here on the island have been insane. I am catching up on several of my to-do’s that have been stacking up including:

– Setting up my Instagram account
– Writing my holiday thank you notes
– Reading “Island Practice” about my doctor Tim Lepore
– Packing for next week’s trip to Atlanta
– And of course my goals of writing and stretching. The others will follow soon, I’m quite sure!

How are you spending this snow day? Do tell. And remember, be safe!

My Year in Review – 2013

Hard to believe another year has come and gone. As many of you know, I decided to move back to my little island to heal: my heart, my head, my soul. It is often said that women come to Nantucket to heal and thus I guess I’m in good company.

An amazing thing happened over the holidays. I ran into an island friend I met right before returning to the island (we actually met in Boston at a mutual friend’s birthday party) and he said, “I notice a change in you. Whatever you came here to do, I think you have done it.” Couldn’t imagine a better note to end this year on with. Thanks, S.

I know there is still work to do, there always is. But I end this year feeling more confident in myself than ever before. This past year I said goodbye to those I have hung onto for far too long, hoping they would finally realize what they had right in front of them. I said goodbye to pain that has weighed on me for years. I realized it was time to let it go.

And I said hello to wonderful new beginnings. To new friends. To taking a chance and asking for what I want. Surely I will encounter bumps in the road again but my perspective has certainly changed a bit. And so I end this year with a few numbers:

502… miles traveled on the California coast
412… times listened to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”
200 (or so)… number of green juices and/or kombuchas consumed
103… published posts (thanks for reading)
47… weeks spent 30 miles out to sea
34… years celebrated
16… pounds of my first Thanksgiving turkey
6… restaurants checked off my bucket list (Reynard in Brooklyn, Garces Trading Company in Philly, Wayfare Tavern in San Francisco, Huckleberry Cafe in Santa Monica, Woodbury Kitchen in Baltimore, flour+ water in San Francisco, Gjelina in Venice Beach)
5… TV series devoured on Netflix (Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Parenthood, Scandal, Gossip Girl)
4… new pieces of art added to my collection
3… amazing first kisses
1… text that I hope will change my life!
0… stamps in my passport (need to remedy ASAP)

Thank you, thank you for being part of my 2013. Sending light and love to you always and wishes for a glorious New Year!