Island Living – My Favorite Island Day

Sorry for the late post my dear friends but I have been struggling with how to convey my favorite island day to you. This little island has so much to offer. And then it just struck me… my “aha! moment”. The best island days are those surrounded by wonderful friends and delicious food. I am just returning home from such an evening and let me tell you, I am feeling truly blessed.

Life is about the spontaneous moments and decisions we make. Always saying “yes” to an invitation. Living in the moment. Granted, a night at The Chicken Box listening to Green Line Inbound will always leave this girl with a smile on her face but really, what makes island living so great is just the pure act of living. Not forced, not contrived, just being. And the best part, this is exactly why I came home a year ago. To live. To make mistakes. To be.

So there it is, my favorite island day. May you be blessed with great friends, great food, and a little sunshine this summer!

And, for all you on island time, I will see you at The Box in an hour or so 😉

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