Island Cocktails

Not quite sure how but my little brother is 21 today. And since I am quite certain he hasn’t taken to the island nightlife quite like his older sister(s) (wink, wink), I thought I would share with him, and all of you, some of my favorite island spirits.

The Goombay Smash – One of the finest rum punches at one of the best, Straight Wharf. But a word to the wise, these things go down a bit too easy so take caution.

The Crucomber
My summer pick! I suggest one slight modification… ask the bartenders at Cru to use Hendrick’s gin instead of the Zubrowka vodka.

The Gazebo’s dessert in a glass with a little kick… love it!

Last summer’s cocktail of choice was Ivy’s Poison at Dune. Sadly, I don’t have a photo to show you just how beautiful this cocktail is but let me describe it for you… muddled strawberries and mint, rose and St. Germain. Heaven in a glass is exactly right!

Just a few more contenders include The Proprietor’s Number 4; Slip 14’s The Berry SEXY, and the Madaket Mystery at Millie’s.

I am a firm believer that every home needs a house cocktail. Mine is quite simple: Izzy’s sparking grapefruit mixed in equal parts with Cisco’s Triple Eight blueberry vodka. My favorite party trick is to get the glass bottles of Izzy, empty out half of the grapefruit deliciousness into a pitcher (easy to refill later) and pour the blueberry vodka right into the glass bottle. Top it with a straw and you will impress your guests upon arrival. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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