Daily Reads


It’s Wednesday… two more days till the weekend! How excited are you? To show my excitement, I though I would share with you some of my daily reads. I only hope one day this little blog of mine has the following that these talented ladies do. Endless inspiration indeed.

Camille Styles – Inspired Gatherings + Effortless Style (her book that came out last year is a wonderful too)

The New PotatoThe World Through the Lens of Food (sisters Danielle + Laura Kossan authors this delightful blog and their videos are hilarious and ones I watch frequently when I need an afternoon pick-me-up)

Victoria McGinley – San Francisco based web designer and blogger, Victoria aesthetic is quite similar to mine and thus I’m always getting ideas. She also redesigned Grace Atwood’s  The Stripe… another must read.

Oh So Beautiful PaperA Celebration of All Things Paper (need I say more!)

Should you like these, check out my list from 2012. Still read these too!

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