Happy Friday, friends! Any fun plans this weekend? My book club ladies are getting together for high tea on Sunday to discuss Fates and Furies. I’ll have a full book report for you next week.

Remember when I shared this found item with you last fall? Truthis, I did love the natural deodorant but didn’t like having to apply it with my fingers so overtime I returned to my Dove {filled with terrible toxins}. That was until I read this blog post introducing me to Agent Nateur. I ordered a stick immediately and luckily it arrived last Friday just in-time for our trip to Mexico. I used it everyday and was shocked by how well it worked. And while the price tag is a little high {$19}, my health is worth it. Looking to try a new and natural deodorant, this week’s found item will be your next favorite thing. I promise.



Hi there! Hope you’ve had a great week. We returned last night from Tulum and what a time we had. I can’t wait to share our trip in next week’s Tuesday Travel post.

I seem to have developed an airport ritual as of late. I print out my boarding pass {yes, I still like a paper copy}, get myself through the security line and hit up the closest Hudson News to pick up Conde Nast Traveler. I know, I know. I should get myself a subscription to save some cash. But the truth is, I fear it will get destroyed going through the post, as so many of my magazines do.

Anywho… this month’s Traveler includes an important message. The importance of travel in these uncertain times. Editor and Chief Pilar Guzman, gets personal in her beautiful Editor’s Letter and over twenty global influencers share theirs in a thought provoking piece, featuring an inspiring essay by author Elizabeth Gilbert, who recounts her time in a tiny fishing island in the middle of Indonesia. As she says, “you’ll be amazed by what the world gives back to you.”

After last fall’s Paris attacks, we questioned canceling our upcoming trip in May. And ultimately we decided that the risk is worth the reward. Growing up on a small island thirty miles out to sea, I was anxious early on in my life to travel. But after my divorce, I decided to throw fear to the wind and open up my eyes {and heart} to the world. For me, travel taught me to love again. And that is why I believe it’s so important to continue to travel whether it be across state lines or to the most remote far away island. Each journey will fill you with so much love. You’ll never be the same again.

Here are a few of my favorites reasons cited in the article:

“Traveling enables us to see the world through the eyes of someone else, and to undestand their aspirations and assumptions. It’s about empathy, which is not only important to the work of our diplomats but to all of us as we seek to understand different cultures as well as our own.” Secretary of State John Kerry

“To understand what’s going on in the world, you have to see the world.” Aerin Lauder

“Travel unlocks a world of flavor.” Chef Marcus Samuelson





As you may guess, this week’s found item was chosen while putting together my packing list for Mexico. In the fine print for our hotel, they encourage guests to wear a cover-up while walking through the property, which means I needed to find a new one. And naturally, my first stop was J.Crew. I originally purchased the navy gingham one but decided to keep it classic and order the chambray.

Please do follow along with me on Instagram by searching #awaywithmay. Maybe I’ll just try to recreate this pose for you 😉 Oh and good news for you… this tunic is 25% off today. Yet another reason to pick one up for yourself.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here next Thursday!

Image Credit: J.Crew

Two Sleeps

Beach Please

Hello, hello! It’s been a long week. And you know why? We leave for vacation Saturday morning. My countdown began the first of the year and now I can finally say I only have two more sleeps till  the beach!

You may be wondering where we are off to. Well, let me tell you. We are heading to Tulum, Mexico. We were tossing around a bunch of destinations: Costa Rica, the DR, Panama. We decided on Tulum for a few reasons. First, its been on my bucket list for quite some time. Second, the flight is super easy. Direct to on JetBlue to Cancun followed by a quick hour drive to heaven. And third, we found this room, which ultimately sealed the deal.

So, I’ve gotta ask. Have you been to Tulum? Any musts? I can’t wait to share all the details with you upon our return!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for this week’s found item.



Hi. My name is Maybeth. And I’m a paperholic. A few weeks back, I shared my commitment to the Write On Campaign and my intention to write 30 letters in April in honor of National Letterwriting Month. And while my donation earned me 10 beautiful cards, I had to find some additional resources. And that’s when I uncovered POST by Katie Leamon.

You all know about Birtchbox, right? Essentially POST is the same thing but with paper goods. Each month, subscribers receive a package of beautiful paper goods, hand selected by the team at Katie Leamon. And if you aren’t familiar with Katie Leamon, let me tell you, you should be. The brand launched 5 years ago, is based in London, and is a reflection of Katie’s love of typography, stationery and vintage curiosities. Just look at the products below… perfection! Katie’s goal with POST was simple: to reintroduce the magic of a hand written letter and evoke the the joy in receiving a surprise parcel in the post, which can then be shared as you pass on the pleasure of the hand written word.

March is the first month that POST will be shipping to the US. I am anxiously awaiting my first package. And remember, if you want to receive a letter from me in April, please leave a comment below.


Image Credits: POST by Katie Leamon

Tuesday Travel

The Berkshires

The Berkshires. A magical place I must say. I made my very first trip there this past weekend. I can’t believe it took me 36 years to make it there but I can guarantee I return again and again, if not for the ice cream alone. The Berkshires are just my kind of place for a weekend getaway… yummy food, serene surroundings and some great shopping.


My dear friend’s mom lives in Stockbridge so this trip, we stayed at her beautiful crafstman bungalow with the cutest yellow door you’ve ever seen. Sadly, the lighting was off so I couldn’t capture a photo to do it justice.

Next time, we might just have to check out one of these lodging options: The Wheatleigh; The Old Inn on the Green or the Porches Inn.


As I’ve shared before, I love planning a weekend getaway around where I’m eating and this past weekend, eat we did. Make sure to check-out:

Six Depot Roastery Cafe – A small-batch coffee roastery, art gallery & delicious cafe in the oldest train station in the Berkshires. If I lived in The Berkshire, this would be my place!

Rubi’s – A coffee house that serves the most delicious grilled cheese… yes! This little spot is located behind Rubiner’s, a cheese haven housed in an old bank. Their selection of jams and chocolates is impressive. We left with several.

Prairie Whale – I first head of Prairie Whale from this article… City Chefs Who Go Country. I knew instantly I would fall in-love with Prairie Whale. And in love I did. {their hilarious signs in front are everything}. “Prairie Whale” is an old name for a pig; by the mid 19th century, rendered lard was beginning to replace whale oil in lamps. Who knew?  They don’t take reservations so I suggest getting there early and grabbing a seat at the bar, which just happens to shake up some inventive cocktails. The menu changes daily but our table agreed that the burger and corn bread were delicious. I personally loved the white fish crostini.

SoCo Creamery – Ice Cream in early March? Yes, I’m crazy. But try the dirty chocolate and you too will understand.

A few places on my list for the next visit: Nudel; Allium and Moe’s Tavern.


For shopping, make sure to visit One Mercantile and Twigs in Great Barrington. And Charles H. Baldwin & Sons in West Stockbridge for vanilla extract.


There is wonderful hiking in the area but sadly it was a bit too cold this trip. Perhaps this summer we will escape to The Berkshire again, do some hiking and hopefully take in a concert on the lawn at Tanglewood.

The End


Happy Monday, dear readers. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Did you watch last night’s final episode of Downton Abbey? Don’t you agree it was the best series ending ever. I was in tears from start to finish. To help me deal with my grief {I’m not sure my Sunday’s will ever be the same}, I wanted to collect my favorite quotes from this amazing series in one place.

“You’re a woman with a brain and reasonable ability. Stop whining and find something to do.” 

“Forgive, perhaps. Forget, never.”

“We’re sisters. And sisters have secrets.”

“The business of life is the acquisition of memories. In the end, that’s all there is.”

“I should hate to be predictable.”

“My dear. A lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears.”

“We all have chapters we would rather keep unpublished.”

“Vulgarity is not substitute for wit.”

“I’m not a romantic, but even I concede that the heart does not exist solely for the purpose of pumping blood.”

“In the end, happiness is a matter of choice.”

And my favorite…


Image credit: Vogue and Pinterest

In the Kitchen


Is it really only Wednesday? I’m ready for the weekend!

Since making my award winning chili last week, I must be honest and say very little has happened in my kitchen. While catching up on my blog reading this am, I read this interesting piece on the five things in your kitchen you wouldn’t be caught without. So, I thought today I would add my five things to the list, which include:

  • A block of delicious cheese
  • Crackers (I could easily make a meal out of crackers and cheese)
  • Olive oil (I’m obsessed with Frankie’s 457 oil at the moment)
  • Eggs (I’m a huge fan of breakfast for dinner)
  • San Pellegrino (I think their glass bottle is one of the prettiest things on a table)

Do share yours too!



“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” Words by Albert Einstein.

I believe in the people of this country. I believe that we want to live in a world where we accept all people. We listen to all people and we all want each other to succeed. I also believe that we need to help our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate. Together we can make a difference. Please have your voice be heard today. Believe that change can take place. And remember “the ones that are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.”

Movie Monday


So, what did you think of the Oscars last night? First, Chris Rock nailed it! Second, what was Heidi Klum thinking with that dress?!?! I can’t wait to watch Fashion Police tonight to see what they think.

I did fairly well on My Picks. I kept going back and forth on my Best Picture selection. Spotlight and The Big Short were my favorite films this awards season so I was torn. And I felt a little bad for Sylvester Stalone. Really thought he deserved it.

I did find time this past weekend to see Room. I’m not sure a movie has ever touched me so deeply before. I was shaking, and crying and a big ol’ mess. Brie Larson was amazing but Jacob Tremblay was… I have no words. I can’t believe he didn’t receive an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. I’m going to keep my eyes on this little guy. He is certainly going places.